Five Ways to Prevent Cockroaches Entering Your Home

Five Ways to Prevent Cockroaches Entering Your Home

While most humans are not particularly fond of cockroaches unfortunately they are fond of us, or more specifically our homes.

With an ample supply of food, water, and nesting sites, a home can fast become a breeding ground for cockroaches who remain active throughout the year.

The key to beating roaches once and for all is keeping a clean house. But while that may sound simple, homeowners know that cleaning can be a bit more complicated than an occasional hoover. 


We asked Peter from Pest Alert, a Dubbo pest control company, how you should tackle cockroach problems in your home (or commercial premises for that matter):

Get rid of food and water sources: Cockroaches eat anything and everything so make sure you put all food away after using it. That means keep lids, packages and containers sealed tight. 

Don’t leave food scraps in the sink, or dishwasher for that matter, and make sure your bin closes after you when you’re done. We recommend investing in a bin with a lid for this reason.

Also get rid of water in, around, and under any sinks or pipes. While they can survive for up to a week without water cockroaches are naturally drawn to moist places.

Clean regularly: Cockroaches release a pheromone to attract other roaches when they’re ready for breeding, or to signal they’ve found a protective spot to do said breeding. 

You don’t want your home to be that spot, so make it inhospitable to the bugs. 

Get rid of any clutter or unnecessary items such as wood, boxes, or unused food containers and invest in a good pest control treatment – we recommended a long-lasting one sprayed around entry points such as doors and windows. There are also excellent baiting treatments available.

Also clean your fridge and oven regularly to avoid build-up of waste and take your trash out often.