How to Prevent and Eradicate Cockroaches

How to Prevent and Eradicate Cockroaches

They’re dirty, they’re icky, they skitter behind the fridge the moment they see you flick the light on. The cockroach is known to be able to withstand a nuclear blast (actually not true), so you’re going to have to come prepared if you want to eradicate them. If you’re interested in stopping them in their tracks – the ol’ pre-emptive strike – here are three really (I mean, REALLY) simple ways to prevent cockroaches from even turning up to party at your pad in the first place. Try them!

Clean up spills right away

Your humble writer is guilty of this one. Even on floorboards, any residue left from a spill that wasn’t treated quickly – particularly something sugary like wine or soft drink – is like you putting on an all-you-can-eat smorgasbord buffet for the roaches. They can ‘smell’ sugary mixtures from quite a distance, with their sensitive antennae.


No dirty dishes

So by extending logic, every time you eat, you’re ‘spilling’ food and sauce and whatnot on your plate, and leaving them next to the sink can create the exact same situation as before – the residue of your spaghetti suddenly becomes a roach version of the Bat-Signal – and you can bet that they’ll all come a-running.

Store food in tightly closed containers

The sheer grossness of this one should be enough to etch it into your memory. The third preventative tip we have to keep the roaches at bay is to use solid food hygiene, especially when it comes to storing your food in pantry containers. Even the smallest crack in the corner of the Tupperware can be a flashing signal for the roaches to come-a-running for their share of your groceries. Your pantry should be cool, dry, and as air-tight as possible.

Serving food commercially?

If you run a restaurant or other food business it’s important and law in most places to book regular treatments with a licensed pest control company. Our friends at the Mudgee pest control company, Pest Alert, tell us it’s smart to convince surrounding businesses to also treat so they don’t become new breeding havens for re-infestation once you drive them away.